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Creepy Bits is a new, seven chapter short horror anthology web series that launched in Sep - Oct 2021.

The series is now traveling film festivals and will eventually be available on Bloody-Disgusting TV worldwide and on Hollywood Suite in Canada.

Written & Directed by David J. Fernandes.
Cinematography by Gregory P. Bennett.


7 Chapters

3 - 14 mins ea.

Finale on Halloween

Season 1 Chapter List:

Chapter 1: Baby Face

Zara, a tired new mom, contends with a baby monitor showing her things in the room that shouldn't be there.

Starring Madison Claringbold

Chapter 2: Occupied

Flight attendant Talia tries to find a plane full of passengers who have suddenly disappeared.

Starring Malaika Hennie-Hamadi


Chapter 3: Special Guest

Shazi and Sarjit, a young urban exploring couple, get separated in a series of underground tunnels.

Starring Daniela Rendon and Andrew Ravindran

Chapter 4: The Gift

A clown gives a sick boy the gift he doesn't want: a possessed balloon dog. 

Starring Danijel Martin Begonja, Casey Flemings and Pamela Blackwood-Marques

Chapter 5: Pitter Patter

Frank, an elementary school janitor, follows the sounds of a young child running around a closed school at night.

Starring Mike Ross and Emily Mitchell

Chapter 6: Soul Sucker

Lina is interrogated about the brutal and possibly supernatural death of her boyfriend.

Starring Elina Miyake-Jackson and James Burke


Chapter 7: The Message

A mysterious envelope arrives at Jen's door, sending her on an increasingly dangerous hunt to discover its origin.

Starring Rene Jaidi Harding

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